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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I place an order?
Ans: Upon seeing an item you are interested in, drop me an email to notify me of the item. Emails will be replied within 48 hours. I will then send you a payment notification stating the amount and account number to make payment to.

How will my order be shipped to me?
Ans: All orders will be shipped via normal or registered postage. They will be bubble wrapped securely to prevent damage. Items are then placed in a well secured envelope with a return address.
If the item is bulky, the buyer would have to bear charges for door to door delivery.
Self-collection at my house is available for buyers if they do not want to opt for postage.

What is the difference between normal and registered postage?
Ans: Though normal postage are cheaper than registered postage, items shipped via normal postage may bear the risk of being lost. Registered postage costs an additional $2.24 on top of normal postage prices and it comes with a tracking number for you to know the delivery status of your item. Registered parcels are sent directly to your doorstep.
A notification card will be left either in your letterbox or under your door, if there is no one at home when the item arrives. You may collect your item from the post office stated on the card. Remember to bring your notification card along when you go to the post office.

Where can I track my order?
Ans: Your order can be tracked via the Singpost website.

How long will you take to ship out my order?
Ans: Your order will be shipped within three working days after receiving your payment. Orders will be shipped on from Monday to Friday only.

How do I know if you have shipped my order?
Ans: I will sent out a notification to you on the day that the order has been shipped. The notification will include the tracking number if you have asked to have your items sent via registered postage.

When will I receive my order?
Ans: Orders are most likely to be delivered within 3 working days, after being sent out.

If your inquires have not been answered, feel free to email me at happyideas@hotmail.com.


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